We currently have some 850 members of the Charity. We aim to increase this success, and we will be keeping you posted as to our progress.

The importance of membership

Through your membership we voice the concerns and interests of our patients and potential users to the authorities that are shaping the way the NHS is delivering its services in our area. This debate is real and we have an effective track record of working with a listening authority who come to us to canvas the views of users living in our catchment area.

In recent discussions with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for our area we were able to impress on them the growing importance of the hospital as a centre for local front-line care. As a result, we will see the hospital consolidate its current level of provision and grow into several new care provision areas soon.

Your voice gives weight to ours and acts as a channel to the NHS decision makers. If you are interested in becoming a member and having your voice heard, Click here to download a membership form. It is simple, can cost as little as £5.00 per annum (You can of course offer to pay more).

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There are other benefits to membership.

Three time a year we publish a newsletter detailing any new developments taking place at the hospital and within the services we operate. We also use this newsletter to keep in touch with you about events and activities that the charity is undertaking.

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