Useful Contacts

To contact our support team at the hospital please use one of the following:

Medical Transport Assistance
Call Lisa or Leonne for information on transport to and from medical appointments
01258 450095
Shops, Events & Fundraising
Call Emma with enquiries
01258 451456
Call Sarah or Leonne
01258 450095
General Enquiries
You can contact us via email on

Contact Us

Name Responsible for

Phone Number

Sarah Connors – Office Manager Finance, Membership, Dorset Network and General Administration

01258 450095

Lisa Deverell – Community Services Coordinator Transport, Social Trips and Community Volunteering


01258 450095

Leonne Hughes – Transport & Administration Coordinator  Transport, Membership, Finance and General Administration
Emma Sisson – Fundraising Coordinator Charity Shops and Shop Volunteering. Events, Fundraising and Publicity.



01258 451456



The Charity’s Trustee Council is responsible for ensuring that the Charity has in place legally compliant processes and procedures and ensuring via the Management Board that these are being correctly implemented by its executive officers and employees.

The Charity’s Patron is The Viscount Portman. 

The team comprises

Trevor Bridle
Alison Brown
Steve Cole
William McLaughlin
Linda Prior
Peter Richell
Di Sale
Denise Stenner
Mike Wood
Steve Hayward
Yvonne Thorne
Colin Marjoram
Jenny Thompson and Jackie Stayt                                                                                                                           

They can be individually contacted by post at:

Friends of Blandford Charity Office
Blandford Community Hospital
Milldown Road
Blandford Forum
DT11 7DD

or by EMAIL on 

Management Board

Many of the council members are also members of the Charity’s Management Board. The Board is responsible for the day to day executive management of the charity and its projects.

They can also be contacted by post at the address above or by email on 

The team comprises

Mac McLaughlin – President/Project Manager/Acting Chair of Finance & Projects
Steve Cole – Chairman
Steve Hayward – Treasurer
Di Sale – Secretary
Peter Richell – Deputy Chairman/Chair of Community Services
Yvonne Thorne – Chair of Fundraising
Linda Prior – Chair of Shops Support Group
Jackie Stayt – Membership